Dance Improv at UW, 6-30-16

Improvising in public, in non-dance settings, takes some getting used to. It’s a delicate balance of give and take. I’m taking up space, attention, and demonstrating chutzpah. I’m (hopefully) giving viewers an opportunity to see something different, to be inspired by an out-of-place, unexpected taste of movement sharing. Viewers are theoretically giving their attention, but it is never a certainty. It’s a deep practice to stay with my imagery and sensations, stay with my body and my stories, and not become distracted by thoughts of whether what is unfolding is interesting “enough” or good “enough.” My hope is always that by enjoying my process as deeply as I can, I’ll be demonstrating possibilities, aliveness.

On a walk at the University of Washington with my 12 year old son yesterday, we came upon what seemed to be a memorial circle, with some nice stones. I mentioned to my son that this would be a great place to do a dance improvisation. He said “Why don’t you do one right now? Come on!” He said he’d document some of it with my iPhone. Here’s an excerpt.