January 20, 2017

Today there were tears as we sat with our backs against the walls
of the beautiful dance studio,
this January day grey
in more ways than one.
We were female, some very young, some middle aged.
The very youngest cried aloud, unable to communicate with words,
but protesting nonetheless. Perhaps it was merely a wet nappy.
We practice coming together to create things that are layered,
nuanced, deeply meaningful, transformational, magical.
And ephemeral.
So much of what we hold dear, of listening, witnessing, freedom,
fairnesss, so much of what we believe in our hearts,
how we treat each other, what holds value and brings joy–
is called into question. By others.
We are bewildered, angry, fearful, determined.
We carry a burden of emotion with us wherever we go.
If you told us that by building a pyramid made of bricks
we could change the future for ourselves and you
and all the daughters and sons–
We would be out there building, bloodied and muddy,
from dawn to dusk.
Give me a brick. Give me a brick, and another.
We will build it all up, again.